Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
Earrings A (mechanism detail)Earrings A (img _b)Earrings AEarrings B (mechanism detail)Earrings B (img_b)Neckpiece A (back - detail)Neckpiece A (back)Neckpiece A (front)Pendant BGem BangleRingRing (two views)
October 2011 Submission to "So Over Heavy Metal" Competition
This body of work was created through the application of 3D modeling. The Palladium competition had the objective of creating a high end high fashion line of wearables that incorporate the use of palladium as the principal material. Innovation and sustainability were to be the main considerations of the line. The winning line was featured in 2011 LA Fashion Week, its designer attended the Palladium/Fashion week events and press, and had their line produced, marketed and sold for them by Palladium Alliance International.
Each submission required two sets of earrings, two neckpieces a bracelet and a sixth work of the artists choosing.
I chose to create a line that embodied unique composition of form and unexpected material application. I chose to specify that the gems used in my pieces be moissonite [man made diamonds] because they are sustainable while also catering to a more reasonable price point for the works. This line also features two sets of earrings that mimic the look of gauged plugs, however, they are actually magnetized with neodymium inlays.

*Top 5 Finalist :)