Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
rendering "Synaptic Exchange" ringtest piece for "Synaptic Exchange""Lock Down" [shoulder piece]"Lock Down" [shoulder piece]"Lock Down" [shoulder piece]"Lock Down" [shoulder piece]"Synapse Gauges""Polarity [Bracelet A]""Polarity [part A]""Untitled" (neckpiece)"Untitled"
(neckpiece) "Polarity" "Polarity""Polarity""Story Line" [detail]"Story Line" [working version b]
This body of work is meant to further expound upon my previous research which revolved around non verbal and/or unintentional aspects of interpersonal communication within the realm of personal aesthetics. My previous work focused on the interpersonal response to personal aesthetic presence. However, within my graduate work I wish to further explore this topic by incorporating aspects of pre existing psychological traits of the individual which have developed due to the circumstances of their life. It is my belief that such psychological ‘development’ plays a substantial role in one’s ability to respond to those around them. My goal is to incorporate the affect of these psychological predispositions within the context of visceral response, which is unavoidable within the aesthetic facets of interpersonal exchange. I hope to create objects that are able to express internal angst in a cathartic way while at the same time facilitating a developed and empowering level of personal strength to the wearer.