Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
3DM of "Gallery Setting""Gallery Setting""Gallery Setting"3DM of "Gallery Setting II""Gallery Setting II""Gallery Setting II""Gallery Setting II"3DM of "Gallery Setting III & IIII""Gallery Setting III""Gallery Setting III""Gallery Setting IIII""Gallery Setting IIII"
Gallery Setting Collection
The Gallery Setting Collection is comprised of four wearable environments depicting cordial social grace. The conceptual impetus of these works lies within the realm of complete social awkwardness . . . a metalsmith pun. . .

[In stone setting the interior of a cage setting is called the 'gallery' of the setting] Due to my notorious angst over attending events such as gallery openings, I thought it ironically fitting to create an idyllic version of these events to wear as I tremble and stutter my way through events of this nature. . . Inside the ‘gallery’ of each setting are the silhouettes of elegant men and women in gowns and suits, meandering around the space and perhaps even pointing at a painting or sculpture. . .

While I am mocking my own anxiety with each piece, the overall aesthetic of each ring
activates an heir of refinement and sophistication; masking the underlying insecurities articulated within. CAD modeling, casting, hand fabrication and large scale gemstones provide aesthetic notes of elegance and preciousness. These elements are dependently assembled within architecturally inspired settings. Throughout the collection architectural inspiration evolves from Art Deco into Art Nouveau.