Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
"Disordered" [flatware set]"Disordered" [flatware set]"Knuckles II""Knuckles I""Shark Fin Rings"
Cast Works
This portfolio begins with my very first foray into casting, "Disordered".
This flatware set was a very cathartic milestone in my life as a metalsmith. The following works also served as meaningful vessels of aesthetic and interpersonal release.
I was initially inspired by the similarities between hand weaponry and wearable adornment. The set of "Knuckles" was inspired by dream ideology regarding recurrent dreams of teeth falling out or rotting out of one’s mouth. Allegedly this is a subconscious signifier of one’s social insecurity; in opposition the physical placement and mass of 'brass knuckles' instantly connotes interpersonal aggression. I find the combination of the two to provide an entertaining level of juxtaposition.