Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
Poster for the 2011 Alessi Colab Competition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Each piece within this collection is meant to be custom ordered and individually produced as 3D printed objects. Employing selective laser sintered [SLS] 3D printing of glass filled nylon will allow for flexibility while at the same time providing rigidity. The production of these rather complicated forms within a monochromatic palette further re-enforces their aesthetically stimulating attributes without creating visual chaos.
This collection of table top objects is meant to articulate a sculptural translation of traditional utilitarian vessels. Applying the graceful and gestural attributes of tree limbs within the context of CAD/CAM modeled forms allows for the activation of a provocative juxtaposition between inspiration founded in nature and the application of a technologically based mode of execution.
[The model within my presentation represents a 1/3 scale version of my table piece]
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