Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
"Story Line" [working version b]
This piece is based directly off of my own S.I. [self injury/self mutilation] scars. It will be attached to the forearm directly above the scars with fine lines of spirit gum (costuming adhesive typically used to adhere polymer substances to human skin). I have included linear recesses in the back of the object where the glue can be deposited before being adhered to the arm. [ I was also thinking of blowing pigment dust onto the residual adhesive once the ornament is removed from the arm and photographing that too.] The text within the object as well as the the glue reservoirs in the back of the piece, correspond directly with the actual scar lines that exist on my arm. The text that is embedded within the "magnifying glass" (circular differencing of material removed from the overall form) is a quote that my Mother told me had been my only explanation when she had asked me why I was doing this. [I had a font made out of my own handwriting and then used that to embed my text into this object.]
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