Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
"Disordered" [flatware set]
cast bronze & sterling silver
A single table setting is comprised of a "hospital bracelet' knife, "emaciated torso" spoon, and "hair follicle" fork. In accordance with "Dick Blake Etiquitte" dinning, i.e. salad, soup entree, the symptom progression of anorexia is articulated. One of the first symptoms of Anorexia is hair loss. I have translated this into a salad fork, comprised of multiple loos hair follicles clumped together. Using an emaciated torso as the spoon symbolizes the physical deterioration indicative of those who are malnourished. The final course is really the culmination of the sensory act of eating a multi-course meal. Accordingly, the knife, a hospital bracelet, represents the culmination of this disesase. However, in the case of anorexia, hispitalization represents a hopeful termination point devoid of the influence had by its preceding 'courses'.
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