Colleen C Terry CAD/CAM & Metals
"Double Dutch"
sterling silver & found shell
This piece began with the shell. Interestingly, I came across this piece of shell during its life as a table top decoration in a Cleveland bar. Its shape was just asking to be bezel set, but how would I showcase the key aesthetic attributes of both top and bottom of the shell? I hung on to the shell for almost four years before I came to the conclusion that it would best showcase my interest in the shell if it were held in a double sided bezel. After playing with possible options, I decided that the shell needed to sit off to the side of the finger in order to take full advantage of its aesthetic duality. The playful nature of this concept reminded me of my childhood and time spent collecting seashells during our annual trips to Florida. When it came time to design a ring shank that would complement the playful, child like nature of this work, jump ropes came to mind. I chose to borrow the motion of double dutch jump ropes, the fluidity of their overlapping while being spun provides a discrete echo of the double sided bezel setting.
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